We hope this the price list below will help you assess the cost of your investigation tests and treatment fees. It provides information about what is included in the cost, when and where to pay, and how we make a refund if your treatment does not take place for any reason. Please note that this is a guide and prices can vary slightly.

At any time, if you have any questions about the fees, payments or refunds, please contact us as soon as possible on 01865 782 800.

Click here to download the current price list (valid from 1st April 2018)

How to Pay

Payments can be made by Debit/Credit Card, in person or by telephone on 01865 782 800

When and Where to Pay


Initial Consultation and semen analysis fees are payable over the phone at the time of booking. If you have blood tests or ultrasound scans you will be asked to pay for these on the day of attendance prior to the test/scan being carried out.


Before you start any treatment you will need to have a consenting appointment with the nursing team. Payment in total for the treatment cycle must be paid prior to this appointment. If payment is not made then your treatment cycle cannot continue.


If you are planning to have an additional procedure such as ICSI or PGS, you should pay for these at the same time as your treatment payment. If the decision to have these procedures is not made until after your egg collection, then we ask you to pay as soon as you can prior to the embryo transfer procedure.

Payment for donated sperm must be paid at the time of ordering the sperm.

Patients who are having PGS will pay the package price for their cycle i.e. ICSI with the additional cost for the PGS and embryo biopsy at the same time. An embryologist will explain the tests required and the difference between the development and test fees.


The type and dose of drugs required during a cycle of treatment can vary depending on several factors so it is not possible to give an accurate estimate of cost. During treatment, drug doses can be varied according to individual response which may give rise to the need for additional purchase or wastage.


Once you have consented to store your frozen embryos, eggs or sperm, every twelve months you will be asked to pay for continued storage. You will receive a letter asking for you to let us know if you want your samples to stay frozen and to agree to pay for a further year of storage. If you decide to dispose of your frozen storage you must complete and sign the form we send you so that it is received before the invoice is due. If we do not hear from you, or receive your payment we will send you a reminder invoice from our Embryology Administrator. It is very important, therefore, that you let us know if your contact details change.

Please note that there are no part-refunds for frozen storage.


Occasionally, patients choose to delay the start of their treatment or decide not to go ahead with treatment at all. If this happens, then we will make a refund of any treatment costs that you paid so long as you have the original payment receipt. If you would like to apply for a refund, please telephone the clinic on 01865 782 800 and speak to the Finance Manager. Please note from 1st October we will be applying a £25.00 cancellation fee to all cancelled Initial Consultations, this does not apply for rescheduling.

Unfortunately it is sometimes necessary to discontinue treatment for medical reasons, which can be due to poor or excessive response to the treatment drugs, or a co-incidental development of some other condition during the treatment. Depending on the stage of treatment at cancellation, a partial refund may be due. Refunds will be made by cheque. Full details of the cancellation fees per treatment type are in the price list.

IVF, ICSI, Egg Freezing or Egg Donation cycle

If your cycle is discontinued for medical reasons before any drugs are taken, we will refund you the cost of the IVF Treatment Package. We cannot make any refunds for the cost of pre-treatment investigations or the cost of drugs for the treatment cycle.

If an IVF, ICSI, Egg Freezing or Egg Donation cycle is discontinued for medical reasons after the drugs have started and before any eggs are collected, there will be a refund of the IVF Treatment Package cost less the cancellation fee. If no eggs are collected or eggs do not fertilise, then no refund can be made.

Occasionally, it may be decided to vitrify all the embryos in a cycle, and postpone embryo transfer. We do this to help prevent ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. If this is the best course of action for the individual being treated, the embryos are thawed and replaced in a subsequent cycle, free of charge (medication is chargeable). If there are suitable embryos for freezing this will incur an additional fee which includes storage for 12 months.


In the event that insemination does not take place but you have already started the stimulation drugs, a refund will be given less the cancellation fee. We do not refund any costs relating to the pre-treatment procedures or drugs.

If you start an IUI cycle but the cycle is converted to IVF because of over response, you will be asked to pay the additional cost i.e. the difference between the cost of IUI and IVF.


If your treatment using donor sperm is cancelled for any reason, then a refund will be offered according to the criteria as set out above, depending on the type of cycle. Payment for the donor sperm cannot be refunded.


If an FER cycle is cancelled for medical reasons before your embryos are thawed, we will refund the full cost of the Treatment Package cost less a cancellation fee. If when the embryos are thawed they fail to thaw successfully, there will be no refund. We are not able to refund the cost of drugs.


Once you have paid for Blastocyst embryo development and/or for freezing of embryos or eggs, if these procedures to not go ahead for any reason, then you will be eligible for a refund of the cost of the procedure.


Development costs for PGD are paid upfront and there is no refund for this. If embryos or eggs are biopsied then you are liable for the biopsy fee. If genetic analysis is performed then you are liable for the PGS or PGD fee. Occasionally analysis fails, contamination occurs or there are no normal embryos to transfer. There is no refund in this situation.

 Terms & Conditions of Treatment and Payments

  1. Private medical insurance companies do not generally cover assisted conception treatments but you may be covered for some consultation appointments, investigations and surgical procedures. Patients will be required to make payments directly at the time of the appointment or treatment and if appropriate, claim the cost retrospectively from the medical insurance company.
  2. Patients having fertility treatments must pay for their treatment by down regulation blood test appointment for Fresh cycles and by the first scan appointment for FER cycles. If payment is not made, then no further appointments will go ahead. A full refund will be paid however if the treatment is cancelled.
  3. Patients having subsequent cycles of treatment who have email or telephone co-ordination appointments will not be able to arrange their appointment until payment is received.
  4. Treatment must start no more than three months from the date of your last consultation appointment. If you delay starting your treatment you may incur additional costs as some investigation tests may need to be repeated.
  5. In the event that additional treatments are provided, we expect patients to pay for these prior to or on the day of the treatment. This applies in particular for patients who have embryos frozen where a decision to freeze embryos may not be possible until it is known that there are embryos available to freeze.
  6. It is expected that patients will pay for a Blastocyst embryo culture in advance and if this procedure does not take place for any reason, then a full refund will be made.
  7. If additional treatments have taken place and no payment is received, we will invoice patients for the outstanding amount and will expect payment to be made within 21 days of the date of the invoice.
  8. In the event of payment not being received, our credit control department will contact you to commence proceedings to recover the debt. Should this be necessary, debt collection, legal and administration fees and statutory interest will be added to the debt. In this case, your credit rating might be affected.

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