October 31, 2019

We discuss male infertility with Sky News

Sky News interview introductory image

Oxford Fertility’s Medical Director, Professor Tim Child, recently appeared on Sky News with one of our patients, Jon, to discuss male fertility. In the interview, they discuss how common male infertility is, the causes and how important it is for men to be aware of their fertility levels.

In his twenties, Jon discovered he had testicular cancer and later the same year it came back again in the other testicle. Before treatment, Jon froze some sperm and was advised it would be unlikely he could have children. Natural conception was not an option and so when he met Holly, they were referred to Oxford Fertility and underwent IVF with ICSI. This worked on their second cycle and Holly gave birth to Minnie. Jon and Holly are still amazed and thankful for the treatment they were given, helping to bring Holly into their lives. It has enabled them to realise the dreams they thought cancer had taken away from them.

Listen to Jon and Professor Child discuss male infertility here: