October 21, 2019

Oxford Fertility named Best IVF & Fertility Clinic in South England

Outside the Oxford Fertility building

The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards were created to honour those who provide the highest quality of care and whose innovative work contributes towards furthering the advancement of patient care

We’re delighted its 2019 awards has named Oxford Fertility as the Best IVF and Fertility Clinic in South England.

Following the clinic’s nomination, the award team conducted extensive research of all candidates which was then assessed by a judging panel. “Katherine Benton, Awards Co-ordinator at The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards, has commented on the success, saying: “These awards highlight, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our winners outshine the competition and are committed to giving their service users the support they need.”

We are so pleased that our hard work, passion and innovation has been recognised! To read more about the awards, you can visit its website at: https://www.ghp-news.com/about-us