November 8, 2018

Improving fertility with simple lifestyle changes


Oxford Fertility’s Medical Director, Professor Tim Child, recently appeared on Sky News with one of our patients, Freddy. In the interview, they discuss ways in which you can change your lifestyle to help increase your fertility, something that Freddy had to do after finding out he had a very low sperm count, despite being only 27.

Freddy’s partner came to Oxford Fertility following the removal of some cervical cells after a routine smear test and wanted to be reassured of the health of her fertility. Freddy joined her for some tests and discovered that he had a sperm count that within the lower third of the normal range (15 million per ml).

Working with Oxford Fertility over the past 10 months, Freddy made simple changes to his lifestyle such as stopping smoking, reducing alcohol intake and being more active to reduce his weight. As a result, Freddy was able to increase his sperm count from 5 million per ml to 50 million per ml.

In a third of infertility cases, the issue lies with the male partner, so it’s important to create awareness and focus on educating men on how common an issue this is.

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