Family Stories

Oxford Fertility have helped thousands of individuals and couples to achieve their dreams. Read their family stories here.


After multiple miscarriages, Sarah celebrates arrival of baby Zayn

Children’s author and editor, Sarah Khan, 37 from Cheltenham explains how Oxford Fertility helped her to give birth to baby Zayn after four miscarriages.


IVF with donated eggs helped Henriett and Balazs start their family

When Henriett, 40, met Balazs, 34, she knew he was the one she wanted to settle down and start a family with, but it took six years and the kindness of a stranger to realise her hopes.


Jodene and Arnold’s story

Following an operation in her teens, Jodene Khan, 33, from Oxford knew it would be hard for her to become pregnant, but thanks to the experts at Oxford Fertility she’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day this year.


Amanda and Steve’s story

When we started trying for a baby in November 2012 we hoped, like any couple, that it wouldn’t throw up any challenges. A year on and we were still without success.